Gallo Chilicano

Gallo Chilicano

  • Scientific name:
    Gallus Gallus Domesticus

They are gregarious, medium-sized birds, capable of short flights. With a characteristic social system and an established hierarchical order, there is a dominant male and a dominated male by all. The females have an independent hierarchical order without dominance of the males

Gallo Chilicano

  • Gallus Gallus Domesticus

Sexual dimorphism is evident to the naked eye in this genus, males are larger (50cm) and weigh up to 4 kg, with two types of caruncular protrusions on the head, a crest on the crown and a pair of lobes that hang down. both sides of the beak. The tail is made up of large, arched feathers. Two white spots on the cheeks mark the difference between nearby species. It has greyish legs, which in some breeds are provided with spurs, this is absent in females. The hens are smaller, not more than 40 cm and weighing about 2 kg, their coloration is less conspicuous, the fleshy appendages of the head are smaller, the tail is shorter. The life span depends on the breed, I could go from five to ten years.

Gallus spp. It includes many forms of house chickens that are widely distributed throughout the world as an important food source.

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