Shingles Caracolera

Shingles Caracolera

  • Scientific name:
    Dipsas Catesbyi

It is a small species that reaches a cloacal face length of 598 mm in males and 560 mm in females. Males tend to have longer tails than females

Shingles Caracolera

  • Dipsas Catesbyi

Back light brown to reddish brown with dark brown to black spots, outlined first in cream and then in dark brown; these are generally not connected ventrally, they are wider than the spaces between them, they present a subrectangular form in the anterior region of the body, oval in the posterior region and become thinner at the height of the paraventrales; spaces between the spots are of uniform color, secondary spots on the absent flanks; head dark brown to black with a whitish stripe on the snout, labials of the snout and white nuchal strips without spots or spots; black bar under the eye; white nuchal collar, extending to the last supralabials; cream belly to white, with rectangular dark brown to black and cream-rimmed rectangular spots.

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